Respect for voters? The Medicare issue may be irrelevant

Posted on August 14, 2012 by


Another omission in coverage of the debate over Medicare cuts this morning. On “The Takeaway,” the National Public Radio program which is in the top rung of news shows we like, neither the host nor a reporter for the Miami Herald mentioned that the revised version of Republican vice-presidential hopeful Paul Ryan offers Americans who reach the age of 65 the option of staying with the current Medicare program rather than moving to the proposal for help paying the premium of any other private option the potential recipient chooses.

But does this debate really matter? The key determinant will be the makeup of Congress. If there is split control, — one chamber controlled by Democrats and one by Republicans — it’s almost guaranteed that no change will pass.

So it certainly seems as though unless one party controls both, all this discussion is for nought. What do you think?