The weekend doesn’t stop the inaccurate talk

Posted on August 12, 2012 by


The big news was the announcement of Paul Ryan as Mitt Romney’s choice for vice-president.  As you would expect,  no sooner did Romney confirm it than the partisan positive and negative reaction began pouring in. 


Democratic strategist Donna Brazile (pictured) today joined other Democrats, including Pres. Obama, in making the false charge that the Ryan plan puts seniors at risk with a voucher system.    

If recipients choose the voucher, its growth in value would most probably not keep up with the increase in health care costs. But people 55 and older will continue getting their Medicare benefits with no changes. But even more to the point, Ryan also modified his original plan to allow people under 55 the option of staying with the current program when they become 65. So saying it puts seniors in jeopardy is most likely true only if the voucher system is selected.

We’re not now dealing with the possibility that one party might win both the House and Senate, which would mean further changes might be made with their own ramifications.


On the GOP side, Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell said the Ryan budget plan would lead to a balanced budget in the next eight years. He also cited Pres. Obama’s comment, “You didn’t build that,”  and McDonnell said about the President, “You’re fired.”

No independent source we know of is predicting a balanced budget before the 2030s. Also, we continue to say that the comment about growing a business is being taken out of context.  Mr. Obama clearly was saying that everyone starting a company gets help from others.