Fox News ‘fair and balanced’ claim takes another hit

Posted on August 11, 2012 by


A comparison of coverage of the Paul Ryan announcement today creates more doubt about the network’s mantra.
It’s no surprise to us that CNN provided more balanced coverage. We have previously called Fox News the counterpart of MSNBC despite its hypocritical claim of balance.

Included in the first hour of the formal announcement of Ryan’s selection, CNN interviewed House Speaker and GOP presidential aspirant Newt Gingrich and House Majority leader Eric Cantor. Fox News, anchored by Brett Baier (pictured) had a panel consisting of three Republican supporters and one Democrat and interviews with GOPers.

CNN also spoke favorably of Ryan, John King saying there is respect for him because he talks to Democrats and Candy Crowley adding that he doesn’t demonize, talks about issues. This despite of a sound bite of Cantor saying that the Democrats are using “nothing but smear tactics,” and the President not wanting to discuss his record.

When host Wolf Blitzer wondered whether Ryan is ready for the top elective offices, Cantor pointed out that his eight terms in the House are among the reasons he is more qualified than Mr. Obama was when he was running early in his first term in the Senate.