Trump has seen Romney’s tax returns?

Posted on August 7, 2012 by


Donald Trump said late last night that he has been given a “very, very major” role at the Republican convention. On the Fox News program   “On the Record,” hosted by Greta Van Susteren, he declined to identify it further because, he said, party leaders don’t want him to.

We hope, for Trump’s sake and the nation’s, this isn’t like last year when Trump said he found out some interesting things about Pres. Obama’s birth certificate and then didn’t produce anything.

Trump consistently  makes statements that he can’t definitively back up. He told Van Susteren that Mitt Romney’s tax records are 100%  authentic.”

Trump doesn’t know that.

Here’s another from tonight’s interview: “All presidents have given – to the best of my knowledge – their passport records.”

We bet there are a bunch of Presidents who haven’t turned over their passports.

Later, Van Susteren challenged Trump on his statement that $4 million had been spent by the White House to keep Pres. Obama’s school records and passport private.  Trump said, “That was reported. I think it was pretty well documented.” 

Van Susteren said after the interview that the show’s staff could not confirm the $4 million figure.

“Pretty well documented” is not a statement of certainty. That might make people cautious about believing what Trump says.

When the host said she thought the birth certificate produced last year by the state of Hawaii had satisfied most people, Trump said he didn’t think people were satisfied at all. 

Polls last year after the birth certificate was revealed and this year show a strong majority believing the President was born i n Hawaii. What Trump says, too often doesn’t seem to be  credible.

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