SHAME! UN Syrian envoy quits and casualties mount while our leaders can’t be civil

Posted on August 2, 2012 by


Veteran negotiator Kofi Annan (pictured) gave up on the Syrian peace mission today as the battle between the government and rebels intensifies and more people are likely to suffer unspeakable horror.

The former UN Secretary-General had plenty of blame to go around. He said, “The bloodshed continues, most of all because of the Syrian government’s intransigence, and continuing refusal to implement the six-point plan, and also because of the escalating military campaign of the opposition — all of which is compounded by the disunity of the international community.”

Then he called out the permanent members of the Security Council. “At a time when we need — when the Syrian people desperately need action — there continues to be finger-pointing and name-calling in the Security Council.”

It is ridiculous that as far as our civilization has come, conflicts like this one go on because a few alleged leaders of their nations can’t agree that slaughter must be stopped. Why do we, the people, sit back and allow our political representatives to shirk their responsibilities when atrocities are occurring.

The reasons we can come up with aggravate the shame and embarrassment our leaders should feel.

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