More misleading claims on Hannity program

Posted on August 2, 2012 by


During a discussion today on his radio program with former New York city Mayor Rudy Giuliani (pictured first), the oft-repeated claim that Pres. Obama created no net jobs surfaced again. Sean Hannity (pictured, second page) repeats it often. The position is based on the number of jobs created and lost since the President’s inauguration.

The figures given are a distortion. To blame the President for the hundreds of thousands of job losses in the first months of his term is unrealistic. It takes time to put new policies into effect, and Congress is involved in the approval process. Congress has been an embarrassment for a long time.

Giuliani brought up another frequent claim, that Pres. Obama has no record to run on. (Conservative Mary Matalin said it tonight on “Anderson Cooper 360.”)

This is an unsupportable statement. There are millions of Americans who would disagree. One is Florida Professor Robert P. Watson, PhD., who teaches American Studies at Lynn University, who has compiled a list of 244 accomplishments. Even if 3/4 of them were judged not to be accomplishments, there still are many.

When you have time, take a look:

The former New York mayor also said that Mr. Obama is “the weakest president on terror that there’s ever been.”

On the surface, this seems like a ridiculous claim. When you look at the details, this still is a ridiculous claim. The reasons are obvious: The President gave the order to move in on Osama bin Laden, resulting in his death through the extreme bravery of Navy Seals.

There have been many members of Al Qaeda captured as a result of the courage of the military. While Drones have led to tragic civilian deaths, they have killed terrorists and potential terrorists. Those are just two of many. Critics of Pres. Obama would chastise him if there were few terrorists caught or eliminated and in reality, some of the credit has to be given to his administration.

Giuliani has a history of going over the top while in front of friendly crowds or broadcasters. Remember his attacks on the President at the Republican convention in 2008, some of which altered the facts. We have to fact check what politicians and media commentators say or we fall victim to misstatements and false statements.