Talk host way beyond the bounds of civility … again

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Conservative radio’s Mark Levin had more insults to dish out on tonight’s program.

Among his statements, “What an a-hole.” about a liberal. (He didn’t use the full word.)

Repeats the use of demeaning language often.

“When Obama sent back the Churchill bust …”

False. The bust remains in the White House but at a different location.

He called Biden an “idiot.”

Obviously he is not an idiot.

He said the reason mostly Democrats don’t like voter i-d laws is that they want to be able to challenge the results in court in states where voter i-d laws are in effect. He added that Democrats will also say the rules discriminate against the young and minorities. In addition, he argued that the other side wants to allow people who have not proved they are eligible, to cast ballots.

Democrats say they’re opposing the requirement so some people who are eligible are not denied their right. Levin can’t know what members of the other party are thinking so his statement has no basis.

The other reason given by those fighting the laws is that they should be in effect at the beginning of an election cycle — in this case, not long after the 2008 race — rather then much closer to this November’s balloting to allow what opponents consider adequate time to get needed documents to meet the requirement. Levin said about the effort to overturn the voter i-d effort, “This is evil.”

Gross exaggeration. Evil is mass murder, for one thing, though it has to be proven in a court. Even though voting is a crucial right, the process and the people opposed to requiring an i-d are not evil.

Levin sets such a bad example of incivility that we believe stations who carry him should at the least be telling him that if he continues this type of name-calling, his program may be canceled.

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