Liberal radio host continues derisive name-calling

Posted on July 27, 2012 by


The insults keep coming from Randi Rhodes on her talk show. Yesterday she made a number of inappropriate remarks. She also reprised again a comment made by Alan Grayson (D-FL), a former congressman now seeking a return to the House. Grayson referred to the Tea Party, saying, “They are crude, selfish bigoted tools.”

Grayson has been uncivil and disrespectful for quite a while. He is a candidate for our Shameful list.

Among Rhodes’ comments, “Romney is like Bush with brains.” “[T]hese freaks on the right … “, “Limbaugh was such a nasty freak … ” Referring to Limbaugh, “fat freak.”

When a caller referred to people “evil” and “racist,” there was no pushback from Rhodes.

Other language: Referring to Mitt Romney, “He’s such a smarmy, douchy man.”

Romney said he is not attending his wife’s equestrian event in the Olympics. Rhodes: How douchy is that?

This kind of language does not belong on the airwaves and in most public conversation and when management allows it, we can’t wonder why civility and respect are not as highly valued in our society presently, as they used to be.

If you agree that Ms. Rhodes should be warned or sanctioned for such comments, contact:

Randi Rhodes
Domestic Affiliate Relations
Myles Peterson
(212) 896-5231 phone