Misstatements on both sides

Posted on July 24, 2012 by


For at least six hours today, the Fox News lead story had a big bold headline about a small business widow saying to Pres. Obama:  “My husband did ‘build that.'” The wife of the late founder of Phiadelphia’s famous Geno’s Steaks told of the 20-hour days her husband worked to build the business.

She was outraged when she heard President Obama declare last week that small business owners like her husband owed others for their success.

The Fox story said a few paragraphs later that the President said business owners owed some of their success to help along the way, noting that government often provides the infrastructure needed for success.

The first reference to Mr. Obama reported that he said, “small business owners like her  husband owed others for their success.” In the second mention of Mr. Obama, the story said  the President stated that business owners owed some of their success to help along the way.

It is clear to us that the initial reference is a distortion. The second statement, with the word “some,” more accurately reflects the President’s  intended message, that we get help, some of it from the government, as we try to grow a company. 

We believe critics of the President’s comments are taking them out of context although a small part of what he said did not convey the message he intended. We said that in a post a few days ago.

Just as deplorable, in our view, is Democrat focus on whether Mitt Romney was still involved with Bain Capital after he left to head the Olympics. We’re convinced he had no role after he left and the fact that he still was listed in several officers’ roles reflected the reasonable amount of time it takes to name a replacement.