More respectful to not run ads in Colo. massacre coverage?

Posted on July 20, 2012 by


During coverage this morning on the major cable news channels, CNN was the only one not airing commercials, at least during most of the 7 and 8 am hours (EDT). MSNBC and Fox News did run ads..

While we’re thinking the reason is simply that CNN believes a major story should be covered uninterrupted, as with major events on CNN in the past, we also see it as respectful to the dead and injured.

CNN did have a commercial break around 8:50 am.

Between Fox News and CNN, the latter has had more coverage from the scene, both in video and from reporters. CNN used live coverage from at least one affiliate as part of its broadcast. Both Fox and CNN used studio analysts with expertise in some area of violent crime.

At 8:33, Fox News said in a report from a studio, the shooter is “apparently white.” CNN has been saying he is white for more than an hour.

Judge and former prosecutor Jeanine Pirro said on Fox News that we shouldn’t care whether the shooter was crazy but rather concentrate on justice for the victims. She probably was referring to a possible plea of insanity or something similar.

Regardless of the desire to properly prosecute the case, there is a legitimate part of law that allows for insanity pleas. So if that is invoked, it has to be considered.