Limbaugh’s endless, senseless rant against the President

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Rush Limbaugh, a conservative commentator, delivered a  bizarre diatribe on his radio show Tuesday, filled with misstatements, hyperbole, and vitriol.

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The commentator discussed Pres. Obama’s statements last week about forming a company:  “If you got a business, you didn’t build that, somebody else made that happen.” ( See our post about the President’s speech on July 17th.

Limbaugh launched a commentary about his view of the President’s actions and goals:

Here you have a bunch of people who are gonna vote for Obama who are looking for excuses because he’s doing his best to divide this country, takers, producers,

No evidence.

and he’s talking to the takers, and he’s giving them every excuse in the world to explain why they haven’t, quote unquote, made it, however that’s defined. 

Untrue and disrespectful.

How they haven’t made it and (unintelligible) well these guys, there’s nothing special about successful people. This is really what he’s saying.

Although we have said the words, “You didn’t build that,” are misleading, at best, we’re convinced that was not the President’s intended message when you look at the full context.

Don’t feel inferior to these successful people. They’re no better than you are. They’re no smarter than you are.  They’re just luckier.  They won life’s lottery or they had help from people that you don’t know, that you can’t get help from, and there’s nothing special about ’em. There’s no reason to admire ’em.  There’s no reason to want to emulate ’em. In fact,  we’re gonna go take what they got and we’re gonna give it back to you because they wouldn’t be where they are if it weren’t for you. 

Much of the preceding paragraph is a distortion. For one thing, the President didn’t say successful people are not smarter. He said there are plenty of smart people. In our view, nothing he said is a denial that some are smarter than others.

Now we’ve had extremist liberals say this kind of stuff on street corners, on the floor of the House of Representatives. We’ve never had this kind of divisiveness from the White House.


I wouldn’t, maybe not even Woodrow Wilson or FDR.  But he’s sitting there. There’s nothin’ special about successful people. 

Such a different, when I was growing up, you wanted to be one of those people. You wanted to emulate those people. Want to find out what was it? 

I’ve told you the story. When I was living in a shack, for all intents and purposes, in suburban Kansas City…. I’m trying to find my place in the world.  Alright, so I’m driving around neighborhoods with big houses, lots of cars. So what do these people do. I’m dying just go knock on the front door. What do you do?

I did not run around asking, alright who really made it possible for these people to get where they are. Who really bought ’em that house? Who really bought ’em those cars? Who really got ’em that job? I didn’t think that way. I wanted to find out who they were and what they had done. 

I’ve never thought that everything came from government. Obama wants you to think that everything comes from government. That without government being involved somewhere, nobody would have amounted to smithereens ….

No evidence that Mr. Obama is promoting that. The preceding paragraphs are off topic.

… [W]hy does the government help certain people and not others? And  in Obama’s case, you’re only gonna’ get help from him if you donate money to him or raise money for him.


How is this all explained? Let me ask you this question folks: Did your parents make the mistake of telling you when you were young they were proud of you for doing something on your own…. My dad did not sit me down and say,  ‘You know, son, you didn’t do that on your own. You know, son,  I don’t want you thinking you did that on your own. I’m not proud of you for doin’ that, son. You’re gonna have to realize you couldn’t have gotten that job in the barber shop if it weren’t for me and you couldn’t have gotten the job in the barber shop if it weren’t for the guy that hired you and you wouldn’t kept the job in he barber job if they didn’t like  ya’. You didn’t do anything son. I don’t want you thinking you amount to a hill of b…. You don’t deserve any credit.’ 

Another distortion of the President’s message.

My dad didn’t tell me that. Is that what parents are supposed to tell the kids today? 

When your kid does something good, are you now supposed to say, ‘I’m not proud of you. You haven’t done anything on your own. You didn’t do this.’ Did your parents ever pat you on the back for building a model airplane or an entire town out of Legos. Did they congratulate you for catching a fish by yourself or cooking your own breakfast? If so, what the hell were they thinking? They missed the chance to lecture you harshly that you do nothing on you own. Nothing.

You didn’t fix the chain on your bike without help. You didn’t dress yourself. You didn’t even make a new friend on your own. It took somebody  else to introduce you. What da ya mean you did it on y-, don’t you understand that you’re not an individual. You’re nothin’ without a whole bunch other people. Go read Hillary’s book: It takes a village idiot or whatever the title of the book. I don’t know.

The last few paragraphs are another twisting of what Pres. Obama said.

(after commercials) … By the way, folks. It is natural, somewhat natural that Obama would think the way he thinks. He’s been given everything in life.


He’s had people turn his “C” grades into “A’s”. He’s had people get him into schools. He’s got in the Law Review without ever having to write anything. He’s had the way paved for him. That’s the way it happens.  He’s never even had to earn a paycheck. You understand, he’s never (unintelligible) what he gets paid now. He’s never earned a paycheck. He’s been given everything including a Nobel prize. He got a Nobel Prize for doing nothing. He got a Nobel prize on the (not sure of the word)  because these idiots on the Nobel committee thought he was gonna bring peace to the world so they gave it to ’em ….All this gooey  love junk, that just, I da,  it’s inexplicable.

No evidence on his school history. Disrespect of the Nobel committee.

… There’s another reason Obama is saying all this stuff  ’cause if you didn’t really earn it, it’s easier for him to take it away from you. The more people he can convince that successful achievement-oriented people didn’t really earn it, that they just got it by luck, then it’s easier to marshal support for taking it away from people. 

No proof that this is the President’s intention.

And do not discount that aspect of this. He’s talkin’ to these crowds of college students and union people and he’s out there, those people didn’t earn it, those people, they don’t deserve that. You deserve it more than they did. They couldn’t have done it without you. That means they’ll eagerly support whatever confiscatory tax policies he comes up with to take money away from people.


(after commercials)  Another thing that bothers me about all this, is this presumption that the government never makes a mistake.”  (Obama sound bite:) “If you got a business, you didn’t build that, somebody else made that happen.”

(Limbaugh) Yeh, and government never makes a mistake. They’re perfect. Whatever they do, whatever they decide, whatever mess they make.  They’re the ones to fix it with a brand new program to compound the problem…. But you can’t find any news in either organization (NY Times or Wash. Post) he’s gutted welfare reform…. I don’t understand why anybody who has ever amounted to anything or wants do, cannot be horrified by this man.

The President believes Washington never makes a mistake? He never said that. No one can’t be horrified by the President’s action? Wrong.

Ya know I remember, it wasn’t all that long ago, that people who got lectured 
 in this country were the people that were lazy.  You got  lectured if you were  do nothing kind of guy. Parents lectured you. High school guidance counselors, teachers, whatever, lectured. If you didn’t do anything, you were the one that got lectured. If you were sittin’ around lazying  it all up and not accomplish any, you got the la-. Now the people being lectured to in is country are those who succeed, are those who achieve.


(Pres. Obama sound bite)  “If you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that.  Somebody else made that happen.”

(Limbaugh) Every time I hear that, I’m bowled  over by it. It’s the president of the United States saying it.  Every audience he speaks to, college students or union workers, so you’re gonna find people that’ll applaud this. 

But I’m tellin’ you folks, do not forget what this is about. One of the reasons for doing this is to make it easier to take money away from people. If he goes out and tells these audiences that people who’ve  achieved and have success really didn’t earn it. They just did it on the backs of other people. And they had a lot of help. 

He’s not saying that.

But the people that really made it happen haven’t got anything out of it. Obama is pavin’ the way for raising taxes on those people or other confiscatory measures with ease. And  have the public applauding because, yeh, they took it from you. Obama’s telling they took it from you. You built the road that led to that guy’s factory and you should be compensated for it but you weren’t. You made it possible for the guy’s factory.  So we’re gonna go take this money away and people gonna end up applauding this.

This is another example of why some commentators on both sides of the aisle should not, in our opinion, be given access to the airwaves.

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