Respect for conservatives lacking

Posted on July 17, 2012 by


The liberal radio and TV host, Thom Hartmann, (pictured two posts down) posted an article on today headlined, “Why would anyone proudly call themselves a conservative?”

After citing a poll by the Pew Research Center, that concludes “conservative” is the second most favored political word in the nation behind only “progressive,”
Hartmann says conservatives opposed the American Revolution, favored voting rights only for white men who owned properties, supported restricting voting rights for women until they were granted in 1920 and oppose others through the current debate on gay rights.

In sum, he says conservatism is about “fear, discrimination and corporate domination.
He concludes with, “So I’ll ask the question again…why the hell would anyone proudly call themselves a Conservative?”

Conservatives will give many reasons why they support that philosophy. So the headline seems presumptuous and condescending. Also, what is gained by using the word “hell” in the last sentence. Although the term has become more accepted, we believe it is stil crude and should be avoided. Do we want our children using it?

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