Does Hannity think independents like distortion?

Posted on July 16, 2012 by


It would be a logical conclusion, we think, to believe that conservative radio and TV host Sean Hannity tries to win over true independents while misstating facts.

He said today about the President, “He has never created a job in his life.”

Hannity might say he was referring to Mr. Obama never having held a position responsible for hiring. But as President, he has helped created many jobs so we don’t see much sense in Hannity’s comment.

He also continues to repeat his description of the White House chief as a crybaby.

Not a word we would use in civil discussion.

He also referred to some of those supporting Mr. Obama as lighting candles and worshipping him when they go to bed.

An unnecessary exaggeration.

Guest Stuart Varney, of the Fox Business Network, referred to the “lunatic” government.

Another popular word completely misused.