Reaction to heckling of Pres. Obama mixed, sadly

Posted on June 16, 2012 by


When a reporter for a conservative website interrupted a statement by the President on immigration policy Friday, there were different opinions on the appropriateness of asking a question while Mr. Obama is still speaking.

Fortunately, most we’ve read believe it was disrespectful. Even many conservatives expressed that opinion.
But it was disturbing to hear some say there was nothing wrong with what The Daily Caller reporter did.

This is a basic question of common courtesy. You allow someone, and especially the President, to finish his remarks before you speak. Reporters often lament that newsmakers don’t take questions after a statement, but that doesn’t justify intruding before the speaker has finished.

One of those who didn’t have a problem with the interruption was Monica Crowley, a conservative radio host. She justified the reporter’s rudeness today by saying he heckled the President “respectfully.” Heckling respectfully? We don’t think so.

Still another sad sign of the increasing incivility that is part of our national dialogue.