‘Romney lied’ about the Nugent endorsement; oh wait, maybe not

Posted on April 18, 2012 by


On his MSNBC program tonight, the liberal Lawrence O’Donnell more than once teased a story about the Romney campaign’s denial that they sought the endorsement of the musician, Ted Nugent, who said several hateful things about Pres. Obama. He said Romney lied.

However when he got to the story in a segment he calls “The Rewrite” near the end of the program just before 11pm Eastern time, he had a different message. A reporter who interviewed Nugent had said his endorsement was solicited during a phone call from Romney. But Romney’s camp denied it.

O’Donnell finished by asking viewers to decide who was lying. Teasing a story repeatedly by saying Romney lied and then not expressing a view, not to mention providing evidence, during the story itself is disrespectful to Romney and inappropriate, to put it mildly.