Gingrich overstates conservatives’ caution about Romney

Posted on March 11, 2012 by


Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich today minimized support for Mitt Romney among conservatives.  However Romney actually seems to be gaining support from that group.

Gingrich said, on Fox News Sunday,  “He’s not a very strong front-runner. Almost all conservatives are opposed, which is the base of the party. And I think we are likely to see after the last primary in June, we’re likely to see a 60-day conversation about what’s going to happen.”

A Washington Post-ABC News survey released last Tuesday concludes the opposite. According to the poll, Romney’s favorability rating among those who identify as “very conservative” has increased from 38 percent in late February to 50 percent presently. Romney’s overall favorability has swung 15 points with that group in the last week, as those who view him unfavorably decreased by 3 percent.

Gingrich is struggling so far in winning states and delegates. While Romney may not be the first choice of most party conservatives, many may see his nomination as inevitable or believe he has the best chance of defeating Pres. Obama.

From the information we’ve seen, Gingrich’s statement appears to be a clear exaggeration, seeking to  improve his chances of staying alive in the race.