Liberal Schultz demeans Gov. Perry and other republicans

Posted on March 9, 2012 by


Ed Schultz  attacked Rick Perry on his radio show today after the Texas governor compared what Rush Limbaugh said about a law student to Schultz’s comment about a conservative broadcaster.

Schultz said,  “It’s getting to the point now where when you get in front of a crowd, you have to really ask, okay are there any Republicans here, and then a few ‘ll raise their hands, and you say, okay, I’ll go real slow so you can understand.

“That’s definitely what you have to say to Governor Rick Perry. His debate performances were no fault. That’s how slowly he turns the pages. Gov. Rick Perry said yesterday that what Rush said is no worse than what Ed Schultz said on satellite radio … ”

(In this paragraph, Schultz is interspersing comments he attributes to others with his own.)  “Yes, Ed called media personality Laura Ingraham a what? No, I did not call her a b-i-t-c-h, I did not do that (He called her a “slut.”), and immediately apologized and was given  a week’s furlough. No, I took myself off the air. The story, it is amazing how it evolves. But I have to tell you. I’m rather wearing it as a badge of honor.

“I’m willing to be the example to exemplify  how stupid conservatives are. And if you are a conservative, I hope I’m offending you. And I don’t care if you listen. (chuckles)

Schultz seemed to be angry at Perry for making the comparison with Limbaugh. While the vile language each used was similar, Schultz apologized immediately and was off the air for a week.

However that doesn’t entitled him to insult Perry’s intelligence and that of other conservatives. And to say about conservatives, that he hopes he’s “offending you,” is not the kind of speech that we think is appropriate.