Radio personality continues outrageous comments and misstatements

Posted on February 29, 2012 by


Liberal radio host Randi Rhodes continued her outrageous comments and misstatements today, this time about Mitt Romney. She said that Romney would do anything to win the Republican nominatIon. That was a response to Romney saying that “if you’re willing to say really outrageous things, accusative and attacking Pres. Obama,” your poll numbers would go up.

That was when Rhodes said the candidate would set his hair on fire, his opponents’ hair, his followers’ and his wife and boys’ hair on fire, if it brought him the nomination.¬†She added that Romney “would fly a penis-shaped NASCAR over the Grand Canyon with his hair on fire and his dog strapped to the roof” to win the primaries. While the intention of these statements may have been partially for humor, she clearly expressed her view of the extent to which Romney would go. In our judgment, the statements were inappropriate.

She noted that Romney had such a close race despite it being his home state and, she said, siome gaffes by Rick Santorum over the last week. Rhodes misstated the time it took to project Mitt Romney as the popular vote winner in last night’s Michigan election tally. She said, “It took all night.”

Actually, he was projected to winbefore 11 pm.

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