Former Comptroller-General says we must deal with our broken government

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In an interview on MSNBC, David Walker said to fix our broken political system, we need our fiscal house in order, campaign finance reform, term limits, integrated and open primaries, and redistricting reform.

He said that now,”A very small percentage of Americans are deciding who a vast majority of our public officials are, and once they come to Washington, they disconnect from society and they want to keep that job for life.”

Walker currently is the head of the Comeback America Initiative, a nonpartisan, nonprofit group that seeks financial, political and other reforms to jolt the government forward.  He wants to think “outside the box to shake up the system so we start making tough choices.” He went on, saying 42% of Americans, including independents like him, are tired of the limited choice that they’re being given and the fact that nothing gets done.

Walker has been pushed in some circles to enter the presidential race.  He has been a registered Independent for 15 years. He doesn’t plan to run though he said a third-party entry would provide more choice, more competition, and if it’s a credible ticket, might qualify for debates.

He said it would bring more substance, an issue-based and solutions-oriented campaign. That’s his goal, third party or not, hoping to set the agenda for the next administration.

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