Crowley distorts and ignores the truth

Posted on February 4, 2012 by


Radio commentator Monica Crowley, who often insults the President, misled her audience again today.

Early in her program this afternoon, she cited a President Obama town hall

in which a questioner asked about engineering jobs because her husband has been out of work in the Internet sector. She cited Fox News business reporter Eric Bolling saying that the people at the town hall are prescreened.

Obama talked about being told by the industry that there were jobs available. Not satisfied, the questioner persisted, asking why, then, isn’t it getting to her husband’s situation.

The President responded that he was going to follow up to find out why it hasn’t made a job available to her husband.

Here’s Monica’s interpretation of the President’s response: “I don’t know what’s going on in the economy.”

That wasn’t what Obama was saying at all. His remark was a response to a specific problem and a commitment to find out why, in the woman’s husband’s profession, the jobs the President was told were available, were not connecting with her spouse.

We don’t think a woman unsatisfied with the first answer was prescreened. Does Bolling have any evidence of prescreening?

A short time later, Crowley spoke about the employment situation, saying, “This man has had three years to put forth a plan on jobs and he hasn’t.”

Crowley missed or ignored the jobs plan the President put forth last September (The American Jobs Act) and sent to Congress, although it has little chance to pass the Republican-controlled House.

Radio stations carry these programs largely because they get ratings and it demonstrates that management has little regard for accuracy and respect.