Two bizarre comments by Boehner, Romney

Posted on February 2, 2012 by


President Obama’s proposal today to stimulate the housing market met immediate Republican resistance.

“We’ve done this at least four times where there’s

some new government program to help homeowners who have trouble with their mortgages,” House Speaker John Boehner told reporters on Capitol Hill today. “None of these programs have worked and I don’t know why anyone would think that this next idea’s going to work and all they’ve done is delay the clearing of the market.“ The comments came shortly before Pres. Obama even announced the new proposal, which included fewer restrictions to refinancing mortgages.

The negative reactions we get from the GOP and Democrats to attempts by the other side to solve problems are way too predictable and go against any effort to achieve a more civil dialogue. Boehner’s comment sounded like a knee-jerk political statement, not a substantive one.

After the President announced the plan, we heard no substantive  objections. If this proves to be another year of congressional gridlock, it will be a sad testimonial to claims that members care more about power than serving the voters
About Romney, he said the following today on the campaign trail:

I’m not concerned about the very poor,” the Republican presidential candidate said on CNN today. “There’s a safety net there, and if it needs repair I’ll fix it.

“I’m not concerned about the very rich, they’re doing just fine. I’m concerned about the heart of America, the 95% of Americans who are right now struggling.”

This obviously was a poor choice of words. It’s not the first time the former Massachusetts governor has said something which proved embarrassing. Remember the $10,000 bet he offered Rick Perry at a debate plus several disrespectful comments about the President.