Did the President propose realistic changes that may be accomplished?

Posted on January 25, 2012 by


Pres. Obama laid out his vision for America in last night’s State of the Union address. While we know most Republicans lawmakers and other officials will have the usual 

knee-jerk negative reaction, a fairer gauge would be independents and in some cases, Democrats.

We picked out two issues on the minds of many, jobs and education. While the President talked of steps to bring back manufacturing jobs and fill tech jobs, including green jobs he said were available, he didn’t provide any specifics for ways to create jobs quickly.

We suspect that will not satisfy many independents and some members of his own party. Pres. Obama did call for new training programs to help prepare workers for gaining employment in the tech industry. But that will take time and it can’t be assumed that anythingi will pass.

He also proposed making it easier for businesses to hire workers, a quicker way to stimulate employment but still not something that realistically can be accomplished in a short time frame.

On education, he called on states to require high school students to stay in school until they’ve either graduated or turned 18.

 But what about those whose family circumstances are such that they need to work full-time. Is there a viable way they could continue their education, perhaps on weekends if they have family responsibilities on weekday evenings?

So what are we to make of the speech. Part of our reaction on the two issues mentioned here has to be based on whether it is realistic to expect a president to come up with concrete proposals for expanding employment within a few months.

U.S. presidents for hundreds of years have been talking about what they would like to be accomplished and how it can be done. Is there one who has been able to fulfill all his promises?

It’s a shame that with the gridlock that has, and likely will, continue to hamper the legislative process and with the opposition doing all it can to deny Pres. Obama accomplishments in this election year, most of the President’s proposals seem already to be dead on arrival.