Chris Matthews’ hyperbole indicts all Republican candidates

Posted on December 28, 2011 by


The liberal broadcaster last evening exaggerated many beliefs of Republican candidates in his rant at the end of his program.

He said they believe in, “No government at the federal level, no health programs, no action on the environment, no economic help to people in trouble. They’re not just anti-war, anti-foreign adventurism, something I like about them, they’re anti-public action, period.

“Think about it. listen to the religious right … These people (comment not clear about whether “these” refers to the religious right or all Republicans) don’t like modernity, period.”

All the “no” statements are clear misstatements. And the reference to “anti-war” and “anti-adventurism” may refer to Ron Paul and, regarding the expense and use of strategic resources in Libya and Afghanistan, John Huntsman, but does not match the positions of the others.

These distortions do not respect the need for commentators like Matthews to speak the truth.