Re Joe Paterno: when is it okay to predict someone’s legacy?

Posted on November 9, 2011 by


The scandal at Penn St. University involving charges of pedophilia is barely three days old and one man thinks he knows that it will override Paterno’s football legacy.

B.J. Schechter, executive editor of, said in a TV interview that whatever role he may have had

in the communication about what his assistant coach is alleged to have done, it will supersede everything he accomplished on the field.

It is impossible to know what someone’s legacy will be while the person is in the midst of a significant event in their life happening before they’ve even retired. It takes years out of the spotlight to establish what someone will be remembered for.

While freedom of speech protects expressing our views, even trying to foretell the future, we believe the degree of certainty in Schechter’s tone was inappropriate in the same way that George Bush was projected to be the worst president in our country’s history in definite terms by some people.

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