Tricks by supposed mortgage loan agency and company offering prizes

Posted on November 7, 2011 by


If you ever get a phone call for mortgage loan modification, be skeptical and ask for the company name and website. Of course it’s easy to know that it’s not relevant if you don’t have a mortgage in the first place.

Our call came from

a group the representative called the Consumer Advocacy Association at You may not get to that site but some other entries on the page indicate people are questioning whether the company is legitimate.

We couldn’t find a web site by that name that dealt with loan modification.

The second incident involved a cell phone notification that read 4 missed calls. When you click on it, you get to an iPad offer by The address has much more to it but we won’t bother passing it along.

This kind of message leading you to click on supposed missed calls is very annoying. Not surprisingly, there is no contact information for this site.

It requires some effort to head off these offers but it can be done by searching for the companies online.

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