Columnist stretches the truth on Herman Cain

Posted on November 7, 2011 by


Liberal newspaper columnist Mike Lupica showed little respect for GOP presidential hopeful Herman Cain today. Lupica went overboard in the New York Daily News as he criticized Cain’s response to the sexual harassment

allegations and settlement with at least one of the women involved.

At one point he said, “People will eventually figure out that everything about Cain, starting with this idea that he is a political outsider, is dishonest.”

Then later he wrote, “Now Cain, who has blamed everybody except Lindsay Lohan for leaking the sexual harassment story, tells his chief of staff to send anybody asking a tough question a ‘journalistic code of ethics.’”

Exaggeration and, of course, false statements are used too often to push a point of view. They should make the writer less credible, in our judgment. Truth has to be the standard.

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