Serena Williams yells at another tennis official

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Williams received a slap on the wrist, a $2,000 fine for her latest outburst Sunday during the US Open final in NY.

Reports differ on exactly what Williams said to the chair umpire. One version is that

Williams went over to talk to the umpire, saying, “I’m not giving her that game.”

Williams also reportedly said: “I promise you, that’s not cool. That’s totally not cool.”

Other alleged quotes from Serena Williams meltdown:
“If you ever see me walking down the hall, look the other way.”
“You’re out of control. … You’re a hater, and you’re just unattractive inside.”
“Really, don’t even look at me.”

You may recall that in 2009, Williams was fined $275,000 for an outburst directed at a linesman in a losing effort against Kim Clijsters.

The USLTA said the $2,000 fine this time was consistent with similar offenses. The outburst was not ruled a major incident.

We believe this fine is totally inadequate. There was no mention of the earlier incident.

That respect is not a requirement in this association is very sad. For a second incident, a suspension should have been considered.

Most important to the tennis group is the revenue made with top players in tournaments. Unfortunate.

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