Ridiculous comment by Fox News commentator but then she is inappropriately insulted

Posted on August 17, 2011 by


Guest Andrea Tantaros, speaking during a panel discussion on Fox News about flash mobs, said Pres. Obama was responsible for the lawless roving gangs of young people that have appeared in several cities.

She explained it this way: Obama’s “violent

rhetoric and class war rhetoric causes these flash mobs.”

On the Randi Rhodes liberal radio show August 5th, one of her guests referred to Tantaros as “beyond ignorant.” He said he “can’t believe Fox would do something [unintelligible].”

Tantaros’s statement did not make sense. Her words were those of a partisan who is willing to make statements that can’t be justified.

Rhodes’ guest’s comment also cannot be defended. So both sides were inappropriate and disrespectful.

Sorry for the late post.