Bachmann misstates effect of debt deal

Posted on August 16, 2011 by


The Minnesota representative who won the Iowa Republican straw poll yesterday, said she voted against a debt ceiling increase because, for one thing, didn’t want Barack Obama to get “another

2.4 trillion-dollar blank check.”

During an appearance yesterday on Meet the Press, part of a morning of appearances on the tv talk shows, she told host David Gregory that the economy’s performance last week was a “punch in the gut.” She also referred to the new health care law as a unconstitutional.

There is no 2.4 trillion blank check in the bill that raised the debt ceiling. The borrowed money will go to pay obligations Congress has already approved or will approve.

The court ruling on the health care bill did not find the measure unconstitutional. It said the mandate that required the purchase of insurance was unconstitutional but the rest of the bill can stand.

But until the Supreme Court makes a final ruling, any report on the lower court’s action must be specifically attributed to that court.

When Bachmann referred to it by merely saying it is unconstitutional, she misrepresented the decision. It did not refer to the entire measure and a final decision is still awaited.

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