Teaching sportsmanship at the right time builds respect

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An English elementary school has started teaching sportsmanship and the program is expanding to include 400,000 children from many areas of the nation, according to a Yorkshire Post article.

Teaching it at a young age as children are first beginning youth sports is the best time to build good habits that will

extend through their adolescence hopefully to their adult lives. If you combine that with sportsmanship education for parents and coaches who often need it more, you have an excellent foundation for building respect for kids, coaches, referees, and spectators.

The inappropriate conduct by a small percentage of adults exposes kids to a bad example.

Published on Wednesday, July 6, 2011:

SCHOOL pupils at a Yorkshire school have been given lessons in sportsmanship as Yorkshire’s former captain Anthony McGrath took part in a programme aiming to inspire young people through cricket.

He visited Darfield Upperwood Primary School in Barnsley to talk to children about the importance of winning and losing graciously as part of the Cricket Foundation’s Chance to Shine campaign.

The Yorkshire star helped to deliver an assembly before inviting pupils to compete in a bowl off and then take to the cricket pitch for a coaching session aimed at improving batting skills, increasing fitness and making cricket fun.

He said: “It is important that children not only learn to play the game but also learn to play in the correct manner with respect for the opposition and officials.

“During my career I have made many friends from opposition teams and officials.

“That’s what it’s all about.”

As a result of the Marylebone Cricket Club and Chance to Shine partnership around 400,000 children across the country will take part in similar activities.

Each school taking part is provided with an MCC Spirit of Cricket trophy to allow them to run competitions which recognise and rewards pupils’ fair play.

Working through the county cricket boards, the Chance to Shine campaign will deliver 12 Spirit of Cricket girls-only summer camps across the country with coaching from members of the England women’s international cricket team.

We agree that teaching kids early is critical and perhaps even more critical is including the parents in this education process, as this article states.

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