Was Casey celebrating the death of Caylee?

Posted on July 7, 2011 by


Casey Anthony continued her partying lifestyle while her child was missing, according to trial testimony.

She was photographed having a good time at clubs before she revealed that her daughter was missing.

Radio talk show host Alan Colmes said today that Casey was “going out and

celebrating” by visiting clubs and dancing.

People hearing various media broadcasts have a right to expect a straightforward, factual presentation. Colmes said something he could not prove, that she was celebrating her daughter’s disappearance or death if she was involved in the killing.

Casey Anthony could have gone out to distract herself from whatever happened to Caylee. Perhaps she partied simply because she liked to party.

Whatever the reason, no one knows except Casey. Whether she committed the crime or not, it’s more than just an opinion when you pretend you can get into someone’s mind and determine why they do things. It’s poor judgment and often incorrect.

And we need to remember that Casey was found not guilty, a big difference from being judged innocent although she shouldn’t, in our opinion, be abused by the public after a jury has found her not guilty.