Monica Crowley disrespects Biden and Obama

Posted on April 23, 2011 by


(Stimulus money) went down a rathole and Biden was whistling Dixie…

Biden was chosen by Obama for his foreign policy expertise. Well let’s see: A surge in Afghanistan without any leadership or explanation as to what our troops are doing or progress made.

A Middle East in flames and this administration is AWOL on leadership and guidance to try to get a Middle East that will be pro-democratic and pro-American. Iran is moving at warp speed toward a nuclear weapon while spreading its tentacles all over the Middle East…Iran is stepping in (because the US is not engaged).

We’re also in a war in Libya that team Obama has not explained.

Ms. Crowley exaggerates and misstates mistakes she believes the administration is making. Her commentary is all too often disrespectful. But notice that she is relatively polite when on The McLaughlin Group on TV on Sundays. Radio management seems more tolerant of sarcastic disrespect than the TV folks.

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